1 thought on “VP6R Pitcairn Island on 60 mts

  1. Hello Luca,
    Congratulations to VP6R.
    I have working VP6R at 2019.10.23 07:27 UTC on 60m.
    Wonderful conditions on this day. The band was open to VP6 from 03:00 to 09:00 UTC from my locator.
    OK … a little bit to much transmitting power (100W), but I have a new DXCC. sent: -10 rcvd:-16 and so many stations calling (21).
    Antenna: 2×15.6m 12m high and 12.5m 500Ohm Feeder with automatic-tuner on the ground and 30m coax to my transceiver.

    73 and gl de olaf dl4sa jo53 cu . .

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