• tnx to FT8DMC for beautifull award

first test RX NOAA18 with maspro antenna and Icom 746

FT8 WAS Just completed

Thank’s to all to reach in short time all 50 states confirmed in FT8 mode!!!

Special thank’s also to N7MJ from Wyoming for help and courtesy for last one !!!!


US State FT8
Alaska (AK) KL7ILA
Alabama (AL) KK4A
Arkansas (AR) KD5J
Arizona (AZ) AA7A
California (CA) K1ROA
Colorado (CO) W0TK
Connecticut (CT) KA1W
Delaware (DE) NY3C
Florida (FL) AF4K
Georgia (GA) K4CGA
Hawaii (HI) AH7C
Iowa (IA) K2DSW
Idaho (ID) KK7X
Illinois (IL) K9IJ
Indiana (IN) KR9U
Kansas (KS) KB0GUS
Kentucky (KY) W8KHP
Louisiana (LA) K5TC
Massachusetts (MA) AD1B
Maryland (MD) W3LL
Maine (ME) K2UM
Michigan (MI) KC8DMH
Minnesota (MN) KF0QR
Missouri (MO) K1USA
Mississippi (MS) WE4SEL
Montana (MT) KI7IJP
North Carolina (NC) W4UEF
North Dakota (ND) KG0YL
Nebraska (NE) KA0UNB
New Hampshire (NH) K1CF
New Jersey (NJ) W2CG
New Mexico (NM) KB5IY
Nevada (NV) NO7E
New York (NY) AC2RL
Ohio (OH) KC8YDS
Oklahoma (OK) K5CM
Oregon (OR) NK7Z
Pennsylvania (PA) N3OUC
Rhode Island (RI) K1QN
South Carolina (SC) K9RX
South Dakota (SD) AE0P
Tennessee (TN) N4TTE
Texas (TX) AK5X
Utah (UT) N5LZ
Virginia (VA) K1HTV
Vermont (VT) AB1NJ
Washington (WA) KE7B
Wisconsin (WI) KB9OWD
West Virginia (WV) WV8SW
Wyoming (WY) N7MJ

Maspro sat Vhf Uhf antenne

sat antenna with new rotator g400 azimut and g500 for elevation. 

soft Pstrotator and K3NG arduino interface

ISS Sightseen

ISS sightseen, picture taken with 15 sec exposure 28/07/2017 at 2025z

Paolo Nespoli was on Soyuz very near to ISS 1 hour before docking to ISS

E51ADD South Cook Island QSL

E51ADD South Cook Island QSL

Great QSO on JT65 mode  40 mts my power was 10 watts

TNX to Ben Norum for QSL

5U5R Niger

Thank’s to Tifariti Gang for great fun!!!  missing only 160 mts


E51AMF North Cook

Worked on 40 mts on sunday morning…. nice opening!!

more info here!



Lzantenna new 30/40 dipole


My antenna system , now on top of the Ultrabeam 6 -20

I have a new rotary dipole 30/40 mts by LZAntenna.

Antenna works really great!

I have also a vertical 40 80 160 by IT9ZMX with elevated radials

ATV from IQ1CM


in fase d’attivazione